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November bushcare – Bags of Trad

It was back to the Lawson Rd area to continue the campaign against the horrid Trad.  Many bags were filled, and up to six Brown Cuckoo-Doves arrived to give us their support.

Richard starts collecting the bags of Trad

Brown Cuckoo-Dove keeps an eye on the volunteers

October bushcare – back to the Trad

This month the team focused on Trad near the Lawson Rd entrance, following on from our previous good work in the same area.  

Heads down, hard at work

Mike enthusiastically employed his grid technique to ensure that no Trad escaped.

Framed by the grid

Unfortunately, Monica also noticed the presence of Turkey Rhubarb ,which we’ll have to keep an eye on in future sessions.

Newly discovered Turkey Rhubarb


August Bushcare

The dry state of the forest was very obvious this month, with many of the younger deanei plantings suffering near the Eucalypt Rd entrance.

The bushcare group focused on trad removal and happily filled up several bags.