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October bushcare – back to the Trad

This month the team focused on Trad near the Lawson Rd entrance, following on from our previous good work in the same area.  

Heads down, hard at work

Mike enthusiastically employed his grid technique to ensure that no Trad escaped.

Framed by the grid

Unfortunately, Monica also noticed the presence of Turkey Rhubarb ,which we’ll have to keep an eye on in future sessions.

Newly discovered Turkey Rhubarb


Water for the E. deanei

After seeing the parched state of the forest during the August bushcare session, Mike, Richard and John met up to provide water to the deanei plantings on the south side. These trees were actually doing quite well and most looked healthy.


A quick tour of the area also noted much evidence of diggings and “highways” in the grassy banks, perhaps from bush rats and antechinus (to be confirmed).

August Bushcare

The dry state of the forest was very obvious this month, with many of the younger deanei plantings suffering near the Eucalypt Rd entrance.

The bushcare group focused on trad removal and happily filled up several bags.


July Bushcare – return to the gully

The E. deanei planted in June were showing evidence of being nibbled, probably by the resident swamp wallaby.

The wire defences around the trees were strengthened to prevent further munching and to give them the best chance to establish themselves.

We also did weeding along the gully slope, with Morning Glory and Mickey Mouse among the main types cleared.

June Bushcare – planting E. deanei

A couple of larger E. deanei seedlings were planted by the pool in the western gully.

This view from the planting site shows the “embankment” wall.

Thanks to Glen for nurturing the young trees to planting stage. Hopefully they’ll grow to be as big as this nearby beauty

An examination of the dry upper pool showed evidence of digging and tunneling from local creatures.

With some interesting burrowing among the boulders.

more E. deanei planting

A big thank you to the Blue Mountains Regeneration Team for their great work in preparing planting holes for our March Bushcare day. With the ground work so skillfully prepared, the bushcare team planted out over twenty E. deanei seedlings.

Thank you to Glen Perry and Mike Purcell for propagating and nurturing our ‘deanei babies’.

… a short photo session before we broke for morning tea …     

E. deanei taxonomy

Taxonomy of ‘living things’ has evolved over many years. Many systems have evolved. Taxonomy involves keen observation / comparison / correlation …. of ‘living things’ to provide an orderly, systematic, scientific classification.

In more recent times DNA barcoding has been employed to confirm or revise certain classifications.

Our E. deanei taxonomy (as described in Plantnet)

Source; Plantnet,

Common Name ... Mountain blue gum, Deane’s gum, Round-leafed gum

Size of plant ... E. deanei is a forest giant, a tall straight tree to 60 metres

Form ... Tall straight trunk with an open branched habit forming an open canopy, graceful.

Details of occurrence or origin … deanei is a dominant plant in its community and is now found in small isolated pockets in central-eastern NSW and south-eastern QLD. In NSW occasionally on north coast and some in the Mooney-Mooney creek on the central coast, [under the Mooney-Mooney Bridge]. And also good numbers grow on the shale cap around Springwood and in the Jamieson valley. Has been found east of Tenterfield, an assumption being this tree was once widespread but because of its size was heavily milled. Now is considered rare but not endangered.

E. brunnea is a species of eucalyptus tree found in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Lawrie Johnson and Ken Hill reclassified the New England population as a separate species, E. brunnea, but the consensus is that the differences are insufficient to warrant separate status. (Source: Wikipedia)

Initial information provided by Monica Nugent

Gang of Red-browed FinchNeochmia temporalis

Deanei Forest – Angiosperms Monocotyledons

Angiosperms Monocotyledons

Bibliography Key

  •  A – Plan of Management Deanei Forest  – Roger Lembit – May-95
FamilyGenus / SpeciesCommon nameBibliography
Araceae    Monstera deliciosa       Fruit Salad Piant      A,  Weed
CyperaceaeCyperus imbecilisundefined  A
CyperaceaeLepidosperma urophorumundefined  A
HemerocallidoideaeDianella caeruleaParoo Lily  A
HemerocallidoideaeDianella revolutaSpreading Flax Lily   A
HemerocallidoideaeStypandra glaucaNodding Blue Lily   A
JuncaceaeJuncus usitatusCommon Rush  A
Liliaceae    Lilium formesanum       Formosa Lily      A,  Weed
Lomandra gracilis
Lomandra longifolia
Spiny-Headed Mat-Rush
Lomandra obliqua

Twisted Mat Rush  A
OrchidaceaeAcianthus fornicatusPixie Caps  A
OrchidaceaeCaladenia catenataundefined  A
OrchidaceaeChiloglottis sp.
OrchidaceaeCryptostylis erectaBonnet Orchid  A
OrchidaceaeCymbidium suaveSnake Flower  A
OrchidaceaeCyptostylis lepochila
OrchidaceaeCaladenia catenataundefined  A
OrchidaceaeLiparis reflexaYellow Rock, Orchid  A
OrchidaceaePterostylis sp.
Greenhood Orchid
PhilesiaceaeEustrephus latifoliusWombat Berry  A
Poaceae    Arundo donax       Giant Reed      A,  Weed
Poaceae    Avena fatua       Wild Oats      A,  Weed
Poaceae    Bambusa sp.       Bamboo      A,  Weed
PoaceaeCymbopogon refractus
Barbwire Grass
Poaceae    Cyoodon dactylon       Couch Grass      A,  Weed
PoaceaeDigitaria parviflora
Smallflower Finger Grass
PoaceaeEchinopogon caespitosus
Tufted Hedgehog Grass
PoaceaeEchinopogon ovatus
Forest Hedgehog Grass
Poaceae    Ehrharta erecta       Panic Veldtgrass      A,  Weed
PoaceaeEntolasia marginata
Border Panic
PoaceaeEragrostis sp.
Love Grass
PoaceaeMicrolaena stipoidesWeeping Meadow Grass
PoaceaeOplismenus imbecillisundefined
PoaceaePanicum simile
Two Colour Panic
Poaceae    Paspaium dilatatum       Paspalum      A,  Weed
Poaceae    Pennisetum clandestinum       Kikuyu      A,  Weed
Poaceae    Setaria geniculata       Slender Pigeon Grass      A,  Weed
Poaceae    Setaria palmifolia       Palm Grass      A,  Weed
Poaceae    Sporobolus africanus       Parramatta Grass      A,  Weed
PoaceaeThemeda triandraKangaroo Grass
SmilacaceaeSmilax australisLawyer Vine  A
SmilacaceaeSmilax glyciphyllaSweet Sarsaparilla
Hybanthus monopetalusundefined  A
Zingiberaceae    Hedychium gardneranum       Ginger Lily      A,  Weed
FamilyGenus / SpeciesCommon nameBibliography

Deanei Forest – Angiosperms Dicotyledons

Angiosperms Dicotyledons

Bibliography Key

  •   A – Plan of Management Deanei Forest  – Roger Lembit – May-95
FamilyGenus / SpeciesCommon NameBibliography
AcanthaceaePseuderanthemum variabilePastel Flower  A
   Thunbergia alata   
  Black-Eyed Susan   
  A  Weed
   Toxicodendron succadaneum   
   Rhus Tree   
  A  Weed
ApiaceaeCentella asiaticaSwamp Pennywort  A
ApiaceaePlatysace lanceolataLance-Leaf Platysace  A
ApiaceaePlatysace linearifoliaNarrow-Leaf Platysace  A
ApocynaceaeMarsdenia suaveolensScented Milk Vine  A
ApocynaceaeTylophora barbataBearded Tylophora  A
AraliaceaePolyscias sambucifoliaElderbeny Panax  A
   Bidens pilosa   
   Cobbler's Peg   
  A  Weed
AsteraceaeCassinia aculeataDogwood  A
   Cirsium vulgare   
   Spear Thistle   
  A  Weed
   Conyza bonariensis   
   Flax-leaf Fieabane   
  A  Weed
AsteraceaeHelichrysum scorpioidesButton Everlasting  A
   Hypochaeris radicata   
   Cat's Ear   
  A  Weed
AsteraceaeLagenifera stipitata
Blue Bottle-Daisy
AsteraceaeOlearia tomentosaDowny Daisy Bush
AsteraceaeOzothamnus diosmifoliusWhite Dogwood  A
   Senecio mikanioides   
   Cape Ivy   
  A  Weed
AsteraceaeSigesbeckia orientalisIndian Weed  A
   Sonchus oleraceus   
   Common Sow Thistle   
  A  Weed
BignoniaceaePandorea pandoranaWonga Vine  A
   Tecoma capensis   
   Cape Honeysuckle   
  A  Weed
   Lonicera japenica   
   Japanese Honeysuckle   
  A  Weed
CasuarinaceaeAllocasuarina torulosaForest Oak  A
ChenopodiaceaeChenopodium hastataBerry Saltbush  A
ConvolvulaceaeDichondra repensKidney Weed  A
CudoniaceaeCallicoma serratifoliaBlack Wattle  A
   Ipomaea indica   
   Blue Morning Glory   
  A  Weed
CudoniaceaeCeratopetalum apetalumCoachwood  A
DilleniaceaeHibbertia asperaRough Guinea Flower  A
DilleniaceaeHibbertia dentataToothed Guinea Flower  A
DilleniaceaeHibbertia diffusaundefined  A
DilleniaceaeHibbertia linearisundefined  A
ElaeaocarpaceaeElaeocarpus reticulatusBlueberry Ash  A
EricaceaeAcrotriche divaricataGround-Berry  A
   Arbutus unedo   
   Strawberry Tree   
  A  Weed
EricaceaeDracophyllum secundumundefined  A
EricaceaeLeucopogon lanceolatusLance-Leaf heard-Heath  A
EuphorbiaceaeAmperea xiphocladaBroom Spurge  A
EuphorbiaceaeBreynia oblongifoliaBreynia  A
   Euphorbia peplus   
   Petty Spurge   
  A  Weed
EuphorbiaceaePhyllanthus hirtellus
Thyme Spurge  A
FabaceaeAcacia floribundaSally Wattle  A
FabaceaeAcacia implexaHickory  A
FabaceaeAcacia longifoliaSydney Golden Wattle  A
FabaceaeBossiaea obcordataSpiny Bossiaca  A
FabaceaeCoronidium scorpioidesundefined  A
   Genista monspessulana   
   Cape Broom   
  A  Weed
FabaceaeGlycine clandestinaTwining Glycine  A
FabaceaeGlycine tabacinaundefined  A
FabaceaeHardenbergia violaceaPurple Twining-Pea   A
FabaceaeJacksonia scopariaDogwood  A
FabaceaeKennedia rubicundaDusky Coral-Pea  A
FabaceaePodolobium ilicifoliumNative Holly  A
FabaceaePultenaea flexilisundefined  A
FabaceaePultenaea scabraRough Bush Pea  A
GeraniaceaeGeranium solanderi
Australian Cranesbill  A
GoodeniaceaeGoodenia decurrens
undefined  A
GoodeniaceaeGoodenia hederaceaundefined  A
GoodeniaceaeGoodenia heterophylla
undefined  A
HaloragaceaeGonocarpus tetragynusundefined  A
LamiaceaePlectranthus parviflorusCockspur Flower  A
   Cinnamomum camphora   
   Camphor Laurel   
  A  Weed
   Sida rhombifolia   
   Paddy's Lucerne   
  A  Weed
LobelioideaePratia purpurascensPurple Pratia  A
MoraceaeFicus rubiginosaRusty Fig   A
MyrtaceaeAngophora costataSmooth-Barked Apple   A
MyrtaceaeBackhousia myrtifoliaGrey Myrtle   A
MyrtaceaeCorymbia gummiferaRed Bloodwood  A
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus deanei Mountain Blue Gum   A
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus globoideaWhite Stringybark  A
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus notabilisBlue Mountains Mahogany   A
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus piperitaSydney Peppermint   A
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus punctataGrey Gum   A
MyrtaceaeLeptospermum trinerviumFlaky-Barked Tea-Tree   A
MyrtaceaeSyncarpia glomuliferaTurpentine   A
MyrtaceaeTristaniopsis collinaundefined  A
   Ochna serrulata   
  A  Weed
   Jasminum polyanthum   
  A  Weed
   Ligustrum lucidum   
   Large-Leaved Privet   
  A  Weed
   Ligustrum sinense   
   Small-Leaved Privet   
  A  Weed
OleaceaeNotelaea longifoliaMock Olive  A
   Oxalis corniculata   
   Yellow Wood Sorrel   
  A  Weed
   Passiflora edulis   
  A  Weed
   Phytolacca octandra   
  A  Weed
PittosporaceaeBillardiera scandensApple Dumpling   A
PittosporaceaeBursaria spinosaBlackthorn   A
Yellow Pittosporum Pittosporum revolutumYellow Pittosporum   A
Pittosporum undulatumSweet Pittosporum   A
   Plantago lanceolata   
   Lamb's Tongue   
  A  Weed
   Anagallis arvensis   
  A  Weed
Banksia spinulosaHairpin Banksia   A
Grevillea sericeaPink Spider-Flower   A
Hakea sericeaNeedle-Bush   A
Lomatia silaifoliaCrinkle Bush   A
Persoonia levisBroad-Leaf Geebung   A
Persoonia linearisNarrow-Leaf Geebung   A
   Eriobotrya japonica   
  A  Weed
Rubus parvifoliusNative Raspberry  A
Rosaceae    Rubus ulmifolius   
   Blackberry      A  Weed
Morinda jasminoidesJasmine Morinda  A
Pomax umbellata
Pomax  A
Eriostcmon hispidulus
undefined  A
   Citrus limon   
   Rough Lemon   
  A  Weed
Zieria smithiiSandfly Zieria  A
Exocarpos strictusPale Ballart  A
   Solanum mauritianum   
   Wild Tobacco Tree   
  A  Weed
   Solanum nigrum   
   Black-Beried Nightshade   
  A  Weed
   Solanum psendocapsicum   
   Madicra Winer Cherry   
  A  Weed
Stylidium graminifoliumTrigger Plant  A
Urtica incisaStinging Nettle  A
   Lantana camara   
  A  Weed
   Verbena bonariensis   
   Purple Top   
  A  Weed
FamilyGenus / SpeciesCommon NameBibliography

E. deanei seedlings

In the latter months of 2017, the Deanei Forest Bushcare Group plant 23+ E.deanei seedlings. While the temperature on several days in Dec / Jan peaked over 40C degrees, our little seedlings are thriving.

Several have succeeded in their “attempt to jump the fence !!!”