E. deanei taxonomy

Taxonomy of ‘living things’ has evolved over many years. Many systems have evolved. Taxonomy involves keen observation / comparison / correlation …. of ‘living things’ to provide an orderly, systematic, scientific classification.

In more recent times DNA barcoding has been employed to confirm or revise certain classifications.

Our E. deanei taxonomy (as described in Plantnet)

Source; Plantnet,

Common Name ... Mountain blue gum, Deane’s gum, Round-leafed gum

Size of plant ... E. deanei is a forest giant, a tall straight tree to 60 metres

Form ... Tall straight trunk with an open branched habit forming an open canopy, graceful.

Details of occurrence or origin … deanei is a dominant plant in its community and is now found in small isolated pockets in central-eastern NSW and south-eastern QLD. In NSW occasionally on north coast and some in the Mooney-Mooney creek on the central coast, [under the Mooney-Mooney Bridge]. And also good numbers grow on the shale cap around Springwood and in the Jamieson valley. Has been found east of Tenterfield, an assumption being this tree was once widespread but because of its size was heavily milled. Now is considered rare but not endangered.

E. brunnea is a species of eucalyptus tree found in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Lawrie Johnson and Ken Hill reclassified the New England population as a separate species, E. brunnea, but the consensus is that the differences are insufficient to warrant separate status. (Source: Wikipedia)

Initial information provided by Monica Nugent

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