Deanei Forest – Mammals – Mammalia

Mammal species known to occur in Deanei Forest

Bibliography Key

  •  A – Plan of Management Deanei Forest  – Roger Lembit – May-95
  •  D – Birding Session – 22 April 2018 – Flora and Fauna Workshop 2 – May 2018
  •  E – Blue Mountains Fauna Project 2018. Records collected from the community to date for Deanei Forest
  •  F – Bionet NSW Wildlife Record


FamilyGenus / SpeciesCommon NameBibliography
FamilyGenus / SpeciesCommon NameBibliography
BovidaeOvis ariesSheep (feral)  F
CanidaeVulpes vulpcsRed Fox  A F
CanidaeCanis familiarisDog  A F
DasyuridaeDasyurus maculatusSpotted-tailed Quoll  F
DasyuridaeAntechinus stuartiiBrown Antechinus  D E
TachyglossidaeTachyglossus aculeatusShort-beaked Echidna  A
FelidaeFelis catusCat  A F
MolossidaeMormopterus rideiRide’s Free-tailed Bat  D
RhinolophidaeRhinolophus megaphyllusEastern Horseshoe Bat  D
MacropodsWallabia bicolorSwamp Wallaby  F
PteropodidaePteropus poliocephaIusGrey-headed Flying-fox  A F
MiniopteridaeMiniopterus schreibersiiEastern Bentwing Bat  D F
MuridaeRattus fuscipesBush Rat  A D
MuridaeRattus rattusBlack Rat  A
MuridaeRattus lutreolusSwamp Rat  D
PeramelidaePerameles nasutaLong-nosed Bandicoot  A D
PetauridaePetaurus brevicepsSugar Glider  A
PetauridaePetaurus norfolcensisSquirrel Glider  A
PhalangeridaeTrichosurus vulpeculaCommon Brushtail Possum  A F
PseudocheiridaePseudocheirus peregrinusCommon Ringtail Possum  A F
VespertilionidaeVespadelus darlingtoniLarge Forest Bat  D F
VespertilionidaeChalinolobus dwyeriLarge-eared Pied Bat  D
VespertilionidaeChalinolobus gouldiGould’s Wattled Bat  D
VespertilionidaeNyctophilus bifaxEastern Long-eared Bat  D
VespertilionidaeScotorepens orionEastern Broad-nosed Bat  F