Deanei Forest – Birds – Aves

Bird species known to occur in Deanei Forest. Results from Bird surveys in the Deanei Forest are summarised in the following table

Bibliography Key

  •   A – Plan of Management Deanei Forest  – Roger Lembit – May-95
  •   B – Deanei Survey – Graham Turner together with the Bushcare team – 26 Jan 2015
  •   C – Bushcare Conference Bioblitz data – Carol Probets & Graham Turner together with the Bushcare team – 29 July 2017
  •  D – Birding Session – 22 April 2018 – Flora and Fauna Workshop 2 – May 2018
  •  E – Blue Mountains Fauna Project 2018. Records collected from the community to date for Deanei Forest
  •  F – Bionet NSW Wildlife Record

[table id=6 /]

Thank you to Carol Probets & Graham Turner for sharing their amazing knowledge of Birds of the Deanei.

An issue much discussed was the strong presence of the Bell Miner bird in a part of the Reserve and their interesting association with Lerps. There is a continuing presence of Bell Miner bird population and possible evidence of Bell Miner Associated Dieback in the Forest

For more information on Bell miner associated dieback go to

(links provided by Mike Purtell)