August Bushcare – Dealing with the Dry

It was all hands to the pumps (and watering cans) for an emergency watering session focused on the new plantings from the previous month’s Schools Tree Planting Day.

The spell of dry and windy weather had affected some of the plants, and the hungry swamp wallaby didn’t help either. Hopefully, the weather forecast of showers ahead comes true.

A Bleeding Heart – wind-proof, wallaby-proof, and wet

Mike had earlier watered the deanei plantings on the other side of the reserve and reported that they were doing well.

I spy… way up high

The watering was followed by a search for Trad but the group was pleasantly surprised at the impact of the recent spraying by the contractor, with hardly any found.

Anybody home?

Other observations of note included a nice burrow belonging to some resident, and various interesting marks on trees caused by birds. A nasty Cat’s Claw was also spotted.

Not wanted here…. Cat’s Claw Creeper (Dolichandra unguis-cati syn.Macfadyena unguis-cati)