September Bushcare – On Guard

Two sites were the focus of the session: the new planting area by Lawson Rd and the more established tree plantings by the Highway.

At Lawson Rd the tasks included watering, fixing old guards and installing new ones. While some plants were suffering from lack of water and the attentions of the hungry swamp wallaby, most appeared to be bouncing back and showing more life. The recent good soaky rains obviously helped.

By the Highway, the young trees were looking green and healthy. However, the wallaby was still trying its hardest to limit their growth, so Monica brought along some fancy new wire guards which should prove robust enough to deter macropod mouths.

Helping the deanei grow…sorry, wallabies

A true team effort combined to fashion the wire guards, hammer in the new stakes, and weed and water the trees.

And to top it all off, a “toolbox talk” informed us about glyphosate and its usage.

Admiring the good health of the “25th anniversary” E. deanei